XNote Stopwatch

XNote Stopwatch 1.69

XNote Stopwatch is a digital clock that also acts as a timer, stopwatch, etc.

With XNote Stopwatch, you actually get three different applications: a digital clock, a countdown timer, and also a stopwatch. This piece of software is well built and offers users access to a large number of settings and configurations.

Also, its developers claim that this program enables you to run multiple stopwatches at the same time, each one having their independent settings. But when attempting to test this feature, I received an error message: “This mode is not implemented yet.” On the other hand, I really appreciated the countdown timer, as it can be configured in many ways. It allows you to input even the decimals of a second for the ‘start time’. When this time expires, the program can be set to play a sound or even an audio file. You can also select a file that will be launched when time reaches to zero. In addition to this, XNote Stopwatch is also able to send a signal on COM1 port.

XNote Stopwatch can also be configured when it comes to the way it displays the time. Users are allowed to change the font or its colors, and also set the transparency level for the main window.

XNote Stopwatch requires few system resources in order to work properly. It also can be fully tested before purchase.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes a digital clock
  • Includes a countdown timer


  • Unable to run multiple stopwatches at the same time
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